Web Full Page Ad

Affordable Effective Web Advertising Less than $65/year, Flat Rate, Unlimited Clicks!

Affordable Effective Web Advertising.  Flat Rate.  Unlimited Clicks.  No Set Up Charges.  No Penalty Fees.  Change Web Ad as often as desired at no extra cost!

Finally, affordable web advertising at less than $65/year — WOW! .  Think of it!  That is less than some firms pay for business cards and stationery each year.  That is less that what some people pay for coffee each year.    Not only that, this effective web advertising can have 2 of your images such as a logo and product or service images, as well as 7 of the major social media icon links to your social media free sites if you have set them up for your business.  Yes you can change your ad as often as desired at no cost on your free web advertising account!

Your Business YouTube Or Vimeo Video Embedded In Your Web Full Page Ad

If you still are wondering about signing up , think of the power of adding one of your business youtube videos embedded in your web full page ad.  You all should have set up a Business Channel on YouTube since it is free.  After you upload one of your business promotion videos to YouTube and check the box that allows it to be embedded in your free web advertising account we give you, then you are all set to simply add the video you want to your web full page ad!

Your Ad In The Search Engines.  Your Custom Text on your Advertising Page!

Your Web Full Page Ad, Advertising page, is called a Directory Web Ad Page because it not only is on the business directory webpage but is a separate HTML file that links into all the major search engines.  Your Web Full Page Ad includes you keywords which make it Search Engine Optimized (SE0) to improve your rankings in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.   On your Directory Web Ad Page, you can add 2 images with different hyperlinks off each image, 100 characters for the Title of your Advertising Page, 500 Characters of Text to describe your products, sales, Web Site or Business, and 100 characters for an Ad Caption.

Your Web Full Page Ad Is Build with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) From the Ground Up

Your Web Full Page Ad is not only great website advertising but it is also is programmed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We not only add your keywords to the URL, we give you your own h1 header, and up to 10 links that you can customize on your web full page ad. Each ad can have 3 direct links to different places on your web site.  These are legitimate links to your site have the rel=nofollow’ element added which is recommended by Google.  This not a link farm.  Increase your web presence with this service! You can place product images on your Web Full Page Ad with hyperlinks to the exact page on your site for web surfers to see or buy.  Web Full Page Example