Yearly Sign Ups 30% + OFF – Less than $65/year. Flat Rate

Get some focus on what you are selling!  This Web Full Page Ads System is a Flat rate Web Advertising System, with no extra fees, no penalty fees, no click fees, no cancellation fees and no ad change fees.

Your Web Full Page Ad is a web ad shown as an html web page found in Google, Bing, Yahoo showing what you are selling with links to your selling sites (your Website/eBay posting/Craig’s list page/eCommerce page).  You set the hyperlinks to get more focus on what you are selling today!  Set a hyperlink on your first picture, another hyperlink on your second picture and you can add links to your social media sites.

Change your Web Full Page Ad as often as desired for new products you want to sell at no extra cost.  Add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your Web Full Page Ad for free all your your free web advertising account you get when you sign up.

WEB FULL PAGE AD less than $65/year.  Unlimited clicks.  Get over 30%  Off today!

Click on this Sign Up Link and Complete Sign Up Process

1) After signing up, you get your FREE web advertising account

2) Edit Ad. Your Ad is picked up by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

3)Web surfers find your Ad in Web Business Directories or Google/Bing/Yahoo and click on your web links in your Ad driving traffic to your website


Click on this Benefits link to see how this Web Full Page Advertising Works!